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[Weissrussland] Pillow from camel wool

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Pillows and blankets (quilts) are manufactured using the ancient worked through ages technology. Wool is carded making layers 0,5 cm (0,2 in) thick and 2,2 m (85,8 in) wide. Then a machine puts the layers together making 44 layered (standard) or 88 layered (warm) stuffing for two variants of blankets. This technology makes it possible to produce high-quality products avoiding using synthetic additions and thermal treatment. Then stuffing is placed to a tick cover and stitched. Every stage of manufacturing is followed by a close quality control.
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Katalog/Branche: Textilbekleidung & Mode -> Kołdry i poduszki



Straße:В.Гостинец 143Б-449
Telefon: +375 1773 73510
Fax: +375 1773 73510


Name und Vorname: Дмитрий Волотович
Telefon: +375 1773 73510
Handy: +375 296630125
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